RUN Wilbur RUN! Let us Roast your Rumps and Baste your Breasts
Fat Jimmy's    Catering            (319) 371-7410   (319) 463-5003     Montrose, IA
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About Us

At Fat Jimmy's we prefer to cook on site so you get that fresh off the grill taste. Nothing is precooked and reheated. We spend 12 to 14 hours slow smoking our dry rubbed meats in a rotisserie over indirect heat using wild cherry, apple and oak woods for subtle, but smoky flavor. We then cut and serve the meat as needed. We believe by doing this you get a quality flavor that can't be matched by our competitors. Our sides are prepared much the same way on site over a 8 foot long wood and charcoal fired grill. if you haven't tasted whole hog or chicken over a wood fired rotisserie, you don't know what you are missing. Call us to see, smell and taste the difference.
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